Delivery Policies

Delivery Guarantee limits maximum liability for Chococherri at Rs. 150.00. Delivery Guarantee is not applicable on order on some of the custom menu as it would be treated as bulk order. Delivery Guarantee is not applicable when ‘Buy One Get One’ offer is live. In case of any confusion, reach out to 0612- to know if you are covered under delivery guarantee scheme. Information provided by our call center agent will be final and binding.

# Delivery Guarantee is applicable at the first barrier point of delivery location (i.e. security guard/reception etc). Deliver Guarantee not applicable on orders from any affiliates/partners. Chococherri does not penalize its drivers for late delivery.

# The additional 8 minutes (60+8) is to ensure that the road is a safer place for you and us. Chococherri reserves the right to withdraw the service guarantee without prior information. Delivery Guarantee is not applicable when Bakery operating conditions are not suitable, and will be announced at the time of placing order by our executive or via SMS. Delivery Guarantee is not applicable on New Year’s Eve, during Ganesh Chaturthi, on Christmas and Durga Puja. Moreover, the guarantee may be temporarily withdrawn under difficult delivery conditions. Conditions Apply.

# The menu is displayed as per the availability of the menu items in case certain menu items are not listed in the menu page Chococherri will not take the order or deliver the product.

# The complete code has to be punched in the coupon section for availing the coupon The coupon code is not case sensitive The coupon may not work if the conditions defined in the coupon details are not fulfilled in the order CHOCOCHERRI holds the right to accept or reject any coupon without giving any reason whatsoever

# The coupons are valid for specified period only and will not be accepted after the expiry of the validity period The guest must handover the coupon which is entered in the coupon section while placing the order to the delivery person, otherwise the order will be canceled Terms and Conditions for all coupons including printed, mobile and email coupons Coupons cannot be clubbed with any other offer / scheme Coupons are not applicable on some items.

# Please announce the coupon and coupon code to the order taker while placing the order Cut and hand over coupon to the delivery person while taking the delivery All prices are exclusive of taxes Only one coupon is valid per order All coupons have limited validity Offer valid only in participating restaurants

# Modify / Cancel the Online Order The online order once placed cannot be modified or cancelled either through the website or offline by calling the restaurant.

# However you can get updated on the status of the order by calling our customer care directly In case the order which is paid through credit card is cancelled due to no availability of the ordered product at our bakery , the amount will be returned by reversing the transaction by CHOCOCHERRI’S. The same would reflect in the next credit card statement.

# Orders of 3 or more cakes, 10 pastry and dessert s qualify as bulk orders, and shall be treated as customized order and service.

# Delivery guarantee is applicable at the first barrier point. CHOCOCHERRI does not penalize its drivers for little late delivery. CHOCOCHERRI’sreserves the right to withdraw the service guarantee without prior intimation.