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Roasted Hezelnut Chocolate

Categories: Pure Chocolate
Tags: Handmade Chocolate , JimCherri , Center Filled Chocolate , Celberation Chocolate , Pure Chocolate , Chococherri Chocolate , Mille and Mille

Treat yourself to irresistible roasted  whole hezelnut  filled dark chocolate mould.




Perfect to set out at your next party, roasted  whole hezelnut are embraced in mould of dark premium chocolate and it will be sure to please your guest and family member.

Serving Suggestion

  • A chococherri Center filled Chocolate is best eaten in between of 4 monht from date of purchase and can be kept for up to 4 Monhts if refrigerated between 5 – 8 °C.

Made with

  • Pure 44% Couverture Dark Chocolate
  • Roasted Hezelnut