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Kid Zee Cake

Categories: Cake
Tags: Chocolate Cake , 100% Eggless Cake , Cake In Patna , Designer Cake , Birthday Cake , Anniversery Cake

Kid zee cake has been designed to suit the needs of kids to celebrate there bachpan with full joy!




This is definitely not just a cake but valuable tools to celebrate the bachpan with family. It is made with the finest  ingredients  with smart touch of our chef.This toon cake will add spark to your celebrations and take you to the bachpan age.

Serving Suggestion

  • A chococherri cake is best eaten on the day of purchase and can be kept for up to 2 days if refrigerated between 5 – 8 °C.
  • A 2 pound cake will serve approximately 8 – 10 people
  • Our cakes can also be frozen and eaten at a later date

Made with

  • Vanilla Cake Mix
  • Blueberry Fruit Filling
  • Milkmaid