Our Team

We are team of young entrepreneur having brief experience of customer’s indulgence and happy moment’s celebration which help us to serve your in better fashion.

  • Deepak Kumar

    Store Manager

    They are responsible for ensuring their staff give great customer service as well as monitoring the financial performance of the store

  • Rocky Kumar

    Happiness Delivery Expert

    Responsible for checking the order follow up and delivery to customers in right time. He is one of the expert person who has in depth knowledge of area and location and all difficult order is getting manged by him.

  • Vivek Kumar

    Delivery Lead

    Responsible Delivery Driver to distribute products promptly to our customers. He represents our company in a professional and cost-effective manner to increase our profitability and customer satisfaction by keeping team intact.

  • Surya Kant Singh

    Customer Experience

    Most exciting and vibrant person in our team whose role is to just talk unlimited time with anyone including customers. Today he is one of key pillar of our success and we appreciate his efforts and contribution.

  • Sinku Kumar

    Operation Manger

    A Person with knowledge of operation who manage internal affair like purchase, kitchen team and vendor to support the business progress.

  • Alok Ranjan

    New Project Leader

    A tenacious hardworking simple young person who think about work and way to manage it up in cooperation with all stake holders. He keeps eye on every details of project with iron hand and devil detail of different aspect.

  • Kumar Abhi

    Project Leader

    A tough person who knows how to get the things done, Credit for this nature goes to farmer philosophy where he got trained by grandfather. He mange our entire operation.

  • Chef Suresh

    Chef Team

    A Person who manages our application center team who mange happiness delivery belt on daily basis which bring indulgence to you every time

  • Sumit Aanand

    Project Lead

    Highly creative but confused person who always check his idea twice before move on it there his code name is monkey mind. However he is expert and ideation and customers service