How we deliver on deliciousness.

We strive to serve delicious freshly made 100% eggless cakes to make your happy moments celebration memorable

Step 1: You Order

Now you can order from the convenience of your home or your office or on the go.In our site you have to put in city and zip code and then just need to select the delectable that you want to order and relax.

Step 2: We Make

Our customers orders are baked with utmost precision and perfection in our kitchen...we seek fresh ingredients and decorate it the way you would want it to be


Step 3: Happiness Delivery!

We just don’t bake,we take utmost care to deliver the cake at your location. Our expert delivery team carries your dream bake to you on the said time.



Step 4: You Enjoy

As you bite in the delicious cup cakes,or our chocolates cakes or the bake of your choice, you will only yearn for another piece. Your satisfaction is our biggest achivement.